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Julie Martin Sunich

Every picture tells a story. Every product has one.


Tom Hirt: Cowboy Hat Maker for the Movies

Cast as Mark Harmon’s stand-in in the 1978 Western Comes a Horseman, Hirt took the role of the slain cowboy so seriously that the crew left him to die—so to speak—and took a lunch break. “I kept wondering why it was so quiet,” he recalls. But Hirt was hooked. The aura of the cowboy lifestyle pulled him in like the tide.
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Grape Expectations – Sipping Your Way Through Colorado Wine Country

Miners seeking their riches not only packed their pick-axes to southern Colorado, but brought along their grapevines as well. In 1890 Governor George A. Crawford planted 60 acres of grapes and fruit alongside Rapid Creek near Palisade in Mesa County. By 1910, Colorado was producing about 1 million pounds of grapes by an estimated 1,000 farmers.
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Putting the You in YouTube

How Generation Z is becoming tube tied to an international network of shared videos. The constant thump, thump, thump of an unknown object reverberating the floorboards, rhythmically interrupting the voices of my teenage boys’ after-school banter. Amid cheering and encouragement, a YouTube video was center stage, providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to successfully flip a plastic water bottle — over, and over, and over.
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Have it Olive

When you tune into this summer's Olympic coverage, consider the humble olive.
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Team Blitz

Acclaimed local chef, Marty Blitz, brings the essence of Tampa cuisine to the Taste of the NFL.
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Mod Mom Furniture

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The Florida Orchestra

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Color Data, Inc.

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Pavillions on Central/Gray Development

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Tampa Committee of 100 annual report

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Horse Sense

Before the sun has peaked above the horizon, the silence of a misty morning at Padua Stables is broken by the hoofbeats of this season's crop of 2-year old thoroughbreds breezing around the track.
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What Women Want

Steven Salario's classic, hand-crafted, brightly colored sandals, which first appeared in Palm Beach and were, as Salario describes them, "the vacation footwear of the 60's" are still the darlings of the finest feet.
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Julie Martin Sunich

When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher was ecstatic about a silly poem I wrote about clouds. I pretty much ignored her.

As a senior at East Grand Rapids High School, my creative writing teacher announced I was his favorite poet--which was both interesting and a little embarrassing. That same year, I was a featured winner at a state-wide literary competition held at Western Michigan University. I guess he knew what he was talking about.

After many shifts in majors, I finally got it right and graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Colorado. But, I eschewed my writing talents and went headfirst into marketing and brand management with some of the most successful and iconic corporations in America.

It took me another 20 years to realize my place on this planet was as a writer. Thirty years of sitting across the table with clients to hammer out their strategic communications strategy not only culled my patience, but also enhanced my creative understanding of what the final product should look like.

Though not a foodie, I was "discovered" by a senior editor at Southern Living Magazine to assume the position of dining editor at Tampa Bay Illustrated magazine, a high-end lifestyle publication owned by Palm Beach Media Group. Writing under the byline, Julie W. Martin, I subsequently published over 100 feature articles ranging from restaurant reviews, food trends, and the occasional fashion and jewelry stories-- which proves I can write about anything.

Some great companies I've worked for: Apple Computer, Citicorp, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and the New York Times Magazine Group.

Past clients include: Lilly Pulitzer, Town Toiles, The Arizona Republic, Cox Communications, Legacy Custom Design Remodeling, Mod Mom Furniture, and as a professional resource for the Florida Virtual School’s journalism department.



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